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Raised down payment mortgage: should national Executive

earlier there were rumors all raising mortgage down-payment to 50%, the CBRC also rumor, it can be seen that the seriousness of the problem. High House prices, and the attitudes of policymakers act decisively without. However, yesterday, the media revealed that Zhejiang Province outside the big four banks ICBC, CCB, Bank of China, agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang branch suite of mortgages has increased to 40%, the highest interest rates also rise to the 10%. Such clandestine imposed a province now, what's the point?


at this time will not solve the problem. House price bubble in China has kept much of the time. Only by taking resolute measures in order to stabilize the overall situation.

home loans increased by 30%, just a quantitative control, cannot change the leverage effect of the mortgage in the Bank, as long as the Bank has leveraged, risky, and banks apparently have been able to take any new risks. If the banking system risks once, then look now policymakers timid, this move is very funny.


If all mortgages increased to 50%, national implementation. Is to eliminate the Bank loan leverage effect, risk passes to the purchaser, all speculative buying, all excluded from the housing market, speculative people away free shots, so, as long as the choke this one, everything is fleeting.


Second, to send a clear signal to the market, the Government's determination to control, prices will decline in the future. As long as they are strictly enforced to ensure the normal order of the market, to ensure the success of this government regulation. If the control is not successful, the Government will have done. We still have people be convinced?