Product introduction

Mortgage insurance is the Bank?

individual mortgage goods housing insurance, referred to as "mortgage insurance", is a kind of guarantee insurance.
Liu Hailin, in Shanghai for more than 4 years, in the House once paid a fee to the Bank. Recent surge in employment, Liu Hailin view his purchase to buy insurance, but surprise, the beneficiary is the Bank on the mortgage insurance, his reference to Shanghai reporters at their own expense insure the hopes more than a guarantee, but ultimately found that the beneficiary was not his own, which makes him annoyed.
at present, banks generally provide buyers a loan from the Bank must be accompanied by insurance companies to buy mortgage insurance. Its basic mode of operation is: real estate home sales to owners of in need of a loan, the owners to get loans from banks, mortgage banking require owners to purchase houses, and are required to buy mortgage insurance, the Bank as the first beneficiary of the insurance. Finally, the banks with loans such as home equity loan and mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance after several years of changes, its meaning is constantly changing. Current responsibilities include mortgage insurance insurance home insurance and mortgage guaranty insurance.