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Second mortgage-payment by 60% question

When I read the newspaper this morning, down payment on a second home will rise to 60%, local field 1 suite will stop buying second homes, as well as second-hand House transaction tax would be levied in full.
of a series of new regulatory policies, so when we see the Government's determination, let us have some questions on this policy. Fixed bone and tendon injuries
first of all, I think its inhibition of speculative buying and improved purchase larger, increase in the cost of free, but for real rigid demand for people without any effect, on the other hand guarantee the housing needs of the rigid demand of the population. Second, high prices produced of reasons is not unilateral of, and land policy, and supply and demand relationship, many is closely related to, market Shang has been for supply of State, by this effect so prices high home down, and the regulation from control volume start, 2011 volume must will has is big degree of contraction, to prices also will has slightly of contraction, with a interesting of claims is "policy injury reinforced not moving bone
implementation force is key
General annual early of when are is out these policy of when , Will of course have a technical effect on the housing market, this is obvious, influence on the market is increasing the wait-and-see mood. But these so-called policies will always be stopgap measures, not fundamentally solve the problem of high housing prices, can only be described as execution!