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First mortgage bank business lending emotions evident

nationwide mortgage tightening

today, a customer told editor in the chat, beihuan road, she bought a house near a building, and Bank of communications for personal loans business, although the first set of loans, and banks were also said to have approved, but had to wait a few months, home loan but nothing down. Eyes stared at the Central Bank raise interest rates again and again, quite tangled.

obviously, monetary tightening pressure has quietly appeared. Recently the Finance Manager reflected, now housing loans is becoming increasingly difficult, down payment, interest rate levels, auditing conditions are in a note to clients, such as "overweight".

issued by the people's Bank of China on May 3 this year, disclosure of the 2011 first quarter monetary policy report, China's real estate growth in loans continued to drop since May 2010. Among them, the growth rate of individual housing loan for 11 consecutive months of declines, the real estate development loan growth for 4 consecutive months of declines.

Mortgage Bank "picky"

faced with today's high prices, management issued a series of regulatory initiatives. All major banks of the second suite, triple Suite loan has set strict limits, now the trend first began to spread.

late last year, after market regulation policy tightening, Bank had notified regulators, cancel the first mortgage at 70 percent interest credit, first mortgage rate adjustment to the minimum level to 85% in benchmark interest rates, down payment is 30%; since the beginning of this year, due to the Central Bank adjusting reserve requirements and tighten credit, banks began canceling mortgage interest rates.

now, even as benchmark interest rates, customers buy first wanted to get the mortgage will not be easy, because some banks have suspended mortgage business. By contrast, loan interest rates higher personal loans and small business loans are more favored by the Bank.

yesterday, a branch in Pudong Development Bank loan Department staff said that after the Spring Festival this year, sluggish and the second-hand housing mortgage loans were suspended, lending now is the backlog of mortgage customers last year. "The reserve ratio has been raised, banks did so many lines. "

China Merchants Bank said a person in charge of credit, some banks have now suspended the personal mortgage business, not against doing it. First mortgage down-payment is still 30%, in accordance with the benchmark interest rate. This person also said that for customers in credit and bank lending rates may be higher than the base rate rise 10%. When mortgage banks have been doing, but also to look at customer's "contributions", generally said, is to look at the customer in the bank deposits, purchase of financial products, Fund and bond amount. First Suite, "contribution" high customer can enjoy the Bank base rate.

ICBC, a staff member said, the first mortgage down-payment requirement of not less than 30%, in accordance with the benchmark interest rate, no discounts.

tight, prices firm

despite mortgage tightening, however, house prices are still not turned the momentum.

New West Bank financing, Fujian province, Chen said, a company limited by guarantee, now the country tightening, and issued a series of control measures, continuous RRR, Bank mortgage controls more and more stringent, a large amount of land reserve and contain the developers ' cash flow, the real estate company's cash flow has great pressure. However, house prices will fall is hard to say, after all, the demand should not be ignored, some real estate prices are still rising. In his analysis, property market turnover will remain low in the second half.

experience purchase, interest rates, prices and other specific policies of baptism, sharp decline in housing turnover, reduced investment in speculative buying, home buyers need strong wait-and-see atmosphere.