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Part of the down payment on a Bank more buildings, trading volumes remain low

       line of flow reduction   down-payment requirements and improve

some time ago, some media reported that a message: personal purchase first home purchase loans down payment will be upgraded to 50%. In this regard, the CBRC officials claim that the matter is purely rumor, minimum down payment is still 30% first home loans, the State's regulatory requirements did not change.

but the reporter was informed yesterday, some banks in the near term had increased mortgage down payment percentage, but is 40%, instead of the earlier 50%. Zhejiang construction Bank staff said that from May 5, the first mortgage interest rates based on the benchmark interest rate to floating 10% and raise the down payment to 40%. Of course, some small and medium banks still adhere to the first down payment for the 30% policy.

in addition, most banks, mortgage indicator reduction is a fact. Fuzhou, a head of the State-owned commercial bank told Xinhua: "the excess liquidity remains, together with State efforts to regulate the property market, mortgage index decline is inevitable. "

     rigid demand demand-led   property market turnover remains low     

  now, in particular demand in the market changes which appear. Domestic currently of purchase needs structure main for rigid needs, these rigid needs main is outsiders, and rural people, and commuters for main members, need of housing type is married room, and school district room or improved sex housing, these people on mortgage exists with larger of needs past of that can one-time payment of purchase who, currently has on real estate market macro trend produced panic, gradually exit has purchase market. Therefore, mortgages become more and more difficult, at a time when the property market is concerned, there is considerable influence.

real estate insiders said, as the State continues to control inflation and control the property market, measures are kept in place and mortgage problems will continue to exist. These conditions continue to exist, is likely to make Fuzhou real estate turnover continued to fall in the second half. The second half of the supply and demand sides of the market will continue to deepen. When the market will usher the inflection point, is needed to see if regulatory policy will change, stock investors in the future give rise to pessimism.