Product introduction

"One room, one price" why the change "two"?

not long ago, the State launched a "room" of the new deal. At the beginning the implementation of policies, has been the local software Executive. Property for sale according to Beijing more than 30 companies real estate development enterprise "clearly" implementation checks, one of 11 sales property for the hidden acts of illegal operations. At present, the market conditions in the property market has also repeatedly, do not eliminate the possibility of adjusting policy in the near future, among them, the developers share adjustment also discuss further from the norm. National policy "upgrades" trend and developer of rising financial pressures are further strengthened.

"one room, one price" turned "one two"

fact, "51" before, the NDRC has specially issued a circular requiring local government from May 1, must conscientiously implement the "one room, one price, price" of the policy. However, from a practical implementation of point of view, does not seem optimistic.

according to the national development and Reform Commission of communications, housing prices in some parts of the sales of items priced irregularities still exist. Mainly for not trading place eye-catching price, did not publicize all of the pre-sale availability, failure to accurately label price discounts, not truthfully labeled already homes for sale price, is not marked up price-related factors.

in the course of investigation for real estate, "one two" happens all the time. In some real estate in Fuzhou, small series found that while sales at the REF pin-controlled table, marked with the specific details of each listing. But according to the sales office sales staff, currently have discounts in real house prices, public price is equivalent to nominal. "Will raise the price of public, and sales at discount means low prices, this is actually a space set aside for price. "Professionals to explain this phenomenon. The country's "one room, one price" policy, controlled from the surface can play a role, but it needs the developer is willing to cooperate with it, otherwise it will be useless. Now, throughout the country, implementation of this policy was not optimistic.