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House can completely transfer loan outstanding mortgage?

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my house hasn't finished, but I now look better in another House. Now I want to sell the old House, OK? A colleague says this can I refinance? If that's all right, how do you handle? What is the specific process?

expert answers:

your House can be sold, buyers and sellers need to be refinanced mortgage. Handling specific processes there are several things to be aware of the following: Refinance mortgage process:

1, the sale of business contract signed by both parties, and establishing that the buyer has no capacity to repay.

2, in the case of Bank agreed with the buyer's loan, select the apply for a peer or an inter-bank transfer

3, submitted to the Bank for a mortgage and the buyer related materials and pay the associated fees, including security costs. Banks will usually specify the guarantees recognized by companies or intermediaries for the amount paid in advance assume security responsibility. That is, after the buyer's lender, if seller's default or breach led to the houses cannot be sold, either by the company or intermediary liability to the Bank. Housing mortgage transfer loan guarantee costs are resulting in amount in loans fluctuated between 3 per thousand to 8 per thousand. Meanwhile, the seller signed sold to banks, security companies or intermediaries undertaking, and the buyer to the bank guarantee issued by Attorney.

4, after the refinance mortgage applications through the Bank audit (audit usually takes five business days), and the Bank can go to the date of the loan, guaranty company specified by the buyer applies for a loan bank or intermediary, carry the relevant sums together the loan formalities.

5, the end of loan formalities, security companies or intermediaries for the seller to canceling a registration of mortgage.

6, the end of cancellation of mortgage formalities, both in the security company or intermediary, accompanied by transfer of housing management Department.

7, by the company or agency receiving the title deed, doing mortgage registration certificate at the buyer's entitlement to his.


mortgage loan different from ordinary second-hand House loan

refinance mortgage loan is different from ordinary second-hand housing mortgage loan, the difference between ordinary second-hand housing mortgage loans, the banks ' lending practices were implemented after the completing transfer of property. But in the case of mortgage loans, as the owners of the houses are still in the mortgage, second mortgage cannot be made. So banks need to issue the second loan is used to pay off the seller's loan, obtained the title deed and released, and then to make a property transfer steps.