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Down payment on a first mortgage 50% is not true

a few days ago, and we may have heard a message that "regulators will probably purchase first home loan payments rose to 50%". This message of outgoing parties reacted strongly, caused a lot of arguments, and the panic. On May 5, the China Banking Regulatory Commission official responsible for the news, issued a statement saying, the current minimum down payment for first home mortgage 30%, regulatory requirements have not changed. The CBRC will continue to urge banking institutions implementing the real estate macro-control policy, guarding against real estate credit risks.

according to the China Banking Regulatory Commission releases 2010 annual report points out that in 2011, the CBRC will continue to increase the intensity of real estate credit risk control, strict application of the dynamic, differentiated management of personal housing loan policy, and severe restrictions of all kinds of real estate and speculative buying. At present, the real estate market, there are still some non-rational factors. Due to the operation of the real estate market development on the stability of the banking system as a whole has a long and important influence, including land reserve loan and real estate development loans on real estate risk prevention and control of key areas of the Government.

professional analysis, loans and personal loans and reserve loan comparison, there is a big difference. Personal loans over the years, are the good credit of the bank assets, personal mortgage defaults remain rare, collateral as guarantee, the risk factor is relatively low. Under the restrictions, regulators intended to limit speculative demand, did not want to curb the purchase you just need. Therefore, to both of these needs, are treated differently by the Government, not a cookie-cutter.


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